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We have been privileged to work with clients from across the globe in Finance, Healthcare, GIS, Entertainment, E-commerce, Academics, and more


Partnered with a GIS major to bring mapping and street view services to a new market with applications from utility to entertainment to tourism

In-room Entertainment

We developed an immersive guest experience for one of America's largest providers of hospitality technology solutions


Another of our firsts, a real-time personal finance web site bringing live data at no cost to our platform's users


Admissions Portal for an international schools network with end-to-end integration across verticals


We are proud to be associated with one of the most extensive cinema databases available to the general public, along with deep dive information on people and movies

Smart Healthcare

We are developing comprehensive patient profile management and adherence tracking solutions along with real-time dashboards for HCPs working together in themed communities


We partner with our clients to create lasting value — helping them massively scale their destination while staying true to their roots and their vision


Our genesis as a product company informs our mission to integrate with our clients through the strategy, development, and roadmap journey to drive massive growth and ensure they exceed their goals.

Our collective 150+ years of experience working with clients from across the world have helped us synthesise the formula for unviversal success — across economies, cultures, and geographies.

Core Team

Amit Mehta


Indranil Gupta

Product and Marketing

Jeetendra Chandragiri

User Experience and Strategy

Tripti Adhikari


Jyoti Shid


Caryn Putman

Project Management



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